Hi guys! Thank you for stopping by. I am Makayla Munsamy. I am a 22 year old Brown girl from Durban, South Africa. I am a Christian and God is a priority in my life.

I am the owner of Siya Phambili Fitment Centre based in Durban (It’s a vehicle repair workshop). I don’t lead a “Blogger Lifestlye”. I’m just an ordinary girl working a 9-5 job. However as a female entrepreneur in a male dominated field, the struggle is real.

Why I started a blog? Because I wanted a platform to share my experiences in life as well as to connect with people who go through similar situations as myself. Whatever I share will be honest and I hope that you will be able to relate to me.

What will you find here? Basically the things I’m most passionate about, i.e. Entrepreneurship, My relationship with God, my personal experiences, some beauty and fashion.

I hope that you will be inspired and that I will be able to make a positive impact on your life. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it.

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Stay blessed.

Miss Makayla