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My Top 10 Bloggers/Influencers

Hi Guys

So for my first post, I wanted to share with you guys my Top 10 local bloggers/influencers. These are ladies who inspire me and whom I look up to.

Brett Robson (, Instagram: brettrobson, YouTube: Brett Robson)

Brett Robson is everything and more. She isn’t just a blogger/influencer, she is also the founder of She is an amazing role model and someone I look up to. She doesn’t smile alot but I promise you she is super friendly(I haven’t actually met her, but it goes down in the DM’s lol). She is the perfect example of a Girlboss who is making things happen for herself. The thing I love most about Brett is how she interacts with her followers even if its in the comments section.

Brett Robson

Mischka Dhuloo (Instagram: dopestchiqq, YouTube: Dopestchiqq)

Yoh, she is gorgeous beyond explanation and her feed is fire. Definitely someone you would want to follow for some inspo for beauty and fashion. Mischka is an influencer, model and actress. She was my inspiration for the “silver hair” phase. She legit looks amazing in anything from clothes, shoes or even hairstyles. And did I mention she sings, you have to go checkout her covers. (Ps, My fave is Hallelujah)


Tasarnia Dhuloo (, Instagram: thegildedhanger, YouTube: The Gilded Hanger)

Yes, she and Mischka are sisters. At first I thought twins, but after some intensive stalking, I found out they are not. Anywhoo, Tasarnia is also an influencer and fashion blogger. Her YouTube channel also has some amazing makeup tutorials. If ever you need some style inspo, head on over to her fashion series on


Mihlali Ndamase (Instagram: mihlalii_n, YouTube: Mihlali N)

Mihlali is a makeup artist and influencer. She is fire. From weaves, to fashion, to nails, to makeup, she is your go to girl. Her feed is full of tips, tricks and style inspo. Mihlali has her own youtube channel and her story time videos will have you hooked.


Aisha Baker (, Instagram: bakedonline, YouTube: bakedthevlog)

Aisha is an award winning blogger, influencer and now mom to the handsome Khalid Parnell. You wanna know how I found Aisha on Instagram, I was scrolling on the explore page and came across one of her instastories of her and Parny (her husband) in the car dancing to some music. That just got me. She is literally the cutest. She is major style goals and her vlogs are addictive. Lol. Her blog is amazing, with everything from beauty, style, family and lifestyle.


Zoey Davids ( Instagram: zoeymusic777, YouTube: Mignon Davids)

Zoey is the youngest of the Davids family and I first saw her when she was little on the House of Davids. It was my fave reality show back in the day. Zoey not only has an amazing voice like the rest of her family but she is also an influencer. Her feed is full of tips, tricks, home remedies and style inspo. And her hair, #Majorgoals .


Nadia Jaftha (YouTube: Nadia Jaftha, Instagram: Nadia Jaftha)

Nadia is THE CONTENT QUEEN. Where do I start? She is what you would call unexplainable. Her videos will have you laughing till cows come home (I heard my dad use that expression, lol). Fitness, beauty, skincare, travel and fashion is what you will find on her feed. Ten minutes on her feed and you will receive an “out of bundles” sms. Nadia and her mom Nawal make the ultimate pair. Their pranks on each other and the family is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. When it comes to travelling, she is #goals.Screenshot_20180628-221133_Instagram

Nisa (, Instagram: belleblushh)

Nisa is everything beauty. If you love make up, like I do then is where you would find yourself. From product reviews to giveaways to DIY’s, she has it all. Her reviews are in depth and honest. She is genuine and not afraid to speak her mind.


Kelly Anne Joseph (, YouTube: Kelly Anne Joseph, Instagram: kellyanne_joseph)

Kelly Anne is a fashionista. This girl looks amazing in anything. Did I mention that she has such a cute accent? I mean, I could listen to her all day. Her commentary on the MET GALA had me rolling on the floor in laughter. She is smart, funny and drop dead beautiful. I love how real she is, in her videos, on her blog or even on Instagram. She embraces who she is and has the confidence that every girl should have.


Aqeelah Harron Ally (, YouTube: Fashion Breed, instagram: fashionbreed)

Aqeelah is everything fashion, she is a stylist and writer. Her vlogs will have you hooked from the minute you start watching. Her YouTube channel is an all-in-one, from hair to make up to outfit inspos. She also has a blog. As much as I love her fashion series, the thing I love even more is her posts on life in general. If you have time you have to read one of her posts called “Becoming the woman I wanted to be”. Its so genuine and personal and literally is the best advice you can receive.